Sorry, but how do I install the world you just put up? Like where do I put the folder, please?

You put it in Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 / Saves :)



Is your Store content decrapified? I'm in love with your save of Enekjaer but I'm one of those who uses decrapified Store content so I was wondering if it will show up or I will have to place everything myself! D: Fingers crossed! Either way, thank you for thr amazing file! :D

I’m 90% sure it is :)

Although I’m 3 followers away from 1200 (yesterday I was only 1 away, guess the bitching costed some, sorry), I really want to share my Enekjaer save which I built up in 9 hours yesterday: I really like how it turned out and I never really made big follower gifts so it’s about time.

What it has:

  • 10 families, all of them were introduced in my populating project.
  • 32 community lots (city hall, business park, police dept, salon, fire dept, school, lab, library, bakery, port x4, graveyard, gym, spa, cinema, diving lots x3, beach, consignment store, park x3, hospital, art gallery, grocery store x2, book shop, dining x2, dive bar x2)
  • 10 empty residential lots
  • 4 empty community lots


CREDIT: fagersims - world, lots | elyfs-simsalabin - houses | beatdoc - houses | beaverhausen - hairs | shockshame - hairs | pixelated zombies - hairs | simming with sirens - clothes | vasilla - freckles | i like teh sims - scars |
CC USED: I have pretty much all sets from store, and some hairs, which I’m not going to list all, they’re from the creators listed above 99% of the time. I use the following mods: Master Controller, Traveler, Error Trap, Woohooer, nomosaic. I barely use sliders so it shouldn’t make a big difference in your game if you don’t have them. I have the following defaults: Buffy V2 skin, robokitty's beard defaults. No more CC.
EPs & SPs USED: I used all of them, except for the Katy Perry one, which I don’t have. (Who has that anyway?)

There’s a chance I did something wrong because it’s my first time sharing a save, so if somethings wrong, tell me. And if you download it and play it, be sure to tag me.

TOU: change it hower you want, but don’t reupload my buildings or the other creators’ buildings who are listed above and claim them as your own. Also don’t reupload my sims and claim them as your own, however you can change them any way you want.

What are you favorite medium/suburban worlds?

Oakshore would be nice but I just can’t fit all my buildings in it.

Is a small world with diving lots too much to ask for?

Send me an English word and I’ll translate it to my native language

What are your favorite small worlds?

potentially dumb question, but you once mentioned a personality generator and i was wondering what that was about? was it just the randomize feature actually in the game or some sort of external thing? thanks in advance!!

You can find it HERE :)