A few minutes ago it turned out that I got into the uni I wanted to go for like 4 years, I already have a flat in city with my friend, now only The Sims 4 CAS Demo is missing from my life.

I promise I’ll get back to posting when TS4 comes out, I can’t play TS3 because it’s on my PC which doesn’t work anymore??? And I don’t want to install a sims game on my laptop since there is only lyk 40 days until TS4.

I hope the ts4 cas demo will be up on piratebay by the time germany finishes humiliating brasil. well, that would be a bit later tho.

They'll probably add it later on so that the game gets released faster.

I know, but I’m 99% sure it won’t be in a patch, but in an EP which will cost money, again. It’s the Sims 4, there shouldn’t be less than there was in the Sims 3 basegame.

I suppose creators will make better looking and more realistic hairs and skin, so we don't have to worry about the cartoony looks in the sims 4

Well, as with The Sims 3, I don’t really want to use custom content if it’s not absolutely necessary. Actually, I don’t care about hair anymore, I’m just pissed there will be no pools (I can live with out that, but still…) and toddlers in the basegame. Why can’t they work on it a bit longer and put those things in the game? Because money.

Hello! I'm sorry for bothering you and silly question, but I really liked your Enekjaer and was wondering about spawners - did you used all? Have a lovely day!

Well, I used the ones that were already in the world, I didn’t place any spawners myself :)

are you going to put your aelview save file up for download?

In retrospect I don’t really like it so I don’t really want to put it up, sorry :/

Hello, l was wondering where could I find the bookshelf in the post when you were introducing Rusty the dog in one of your posts? :)

Sorry I have no idea :/

hi, for your enekjaer save, did you use the enekjaer world that was updated for island paradise, or the first world?

The updated one.

Is your Enekjaer save up for download ? I love what you did with it :)

Yes it is, here.

how can I get simcity for freee? :)

Torrent it?